Logo CournajaHISTORY Cornaglia’s Family

From the hands of Maria Rosa Povigna, Alfonso’s wife, Daniela acquires the role of owner of the business. Despite the new office, it is more than 20 years that Daniela and Mariano devote their life to this small business but at the same time great in history, humanity and daily sacrifices.

The aim pursued by Daniela and Mariano is to obtain an exceptional product, but most of all complete of every element which contributed to its realization.

Strongly believing in respect of the nature and looking at the past with a special consideration, they tend towards the innovation and the new technologies to keep improving constantly, without forgetting their origins.

The attentions for the processing techniques, either in the vineyard or in the winery, support the precious experience of Alfonso, renewed in the willing of progress and automation of Mariano.

The deep connection with the land expresses in one of Gianni Cornaglia’s poem entitled I Me Vei:

I miei vecchi
Se ne stanno accoccolati
Nell’ultimo sole
come corvi
su pali di vigne ormai inaridite.

The concept of the crows, perched on the wooden posts watching over the vineyard, particularly moved Mariano, enough to choose it as corporate image of the company.

Logo Cournaja

The corporate logo represents a crow with unfolded wings which keeps in its paws a bunch of red grape, guarding the vineyards and as a reminder of the tradition. Moreover, there is a particular similarity between the family’s surname in Piedmontese dialect, which turns into Cournaja, and the name of the bird, cornaja.


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