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Fame povra che mi t’fas ric

It is a piemontese expression used by Alfonso Cornaglia referring to the vine which, if pruned low, will offer higher quality and performances.

Daniela and Mariano work their land inspiring to some fundamental pillars:

  • Respect
  • Remembrance
  • Biodiversity
  • Biologic

Almost three hectares of vineyards cover the hill which surrounds Azienda Agricola Cournaja and offers vintages with exceptional harvests.

The care and attention that Daniela and Mariano have in choosing the best location for the vineyards, according with the features of the vine variety, the soil composition and the exposition to the sun, enounce considerably the production on their land.

The hill in matter is of tectonic formation and its peculiarity is expressed in the soil composition.
The summit is characterized by a mostly sandy soil, consequence of the ocean that was present in the area during the Pliocene Age (between 5 and 1,6 millions of years ago). This dirt is particularly appropriate to grow vine varieties like Moscato, Arneis and Favorita. Instead the lower part of the slope is composed by marl, a particular mix of clay and rocks, perfect for the production of wine for ageing, such as Nebbiolo and Barbera.

A lot of the works in the vineyards are made by hand in the respect and safeguard of the terroir.

The choice of the spontaneous grassing over in the rows supports biodiversity and permits a healthy action in defence for the grapes, the grass actually keeps a water supply and limits the aggressive action of the sun’s rays.

The terracing helps keeping the rows flat as much as possible. This practice also encouraged the presence of the bee eaters, colourful birds coming from Africa, which contribute, together with the butterflies, wild flowers and the spectacular view over Langhe and Roero to make even more energetic and poetic the landscape.

The non-invasive farming methods which always characterized Cournaja’s job permitted the approach to the principles of the biodynamic. The subscription to the project The Green Experience is a confirmation of the commitment which Cournaja always made towards the environment.

The Green Experience is a certification dedicated to the piemontese wines which sets three major goals:

  • protection of the biodiversity and of the natural environment;
  • give value to the different farming and production methods;
  • take care of the hilly landscape of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which is part of UNESCO heritage.


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