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In the wine there is the truth

Focusing on the bare literal meaning of this ancient Latin expression, it is possible to catch the philosophy which dominates the work of Daniela and Mariano. A philosophy of life, which can be summarised in the following statements:

  • Genuineness
  • Tradition
  • Love
  • Excellence

In the winery of Cornaglia Clemente’s great nephews the grapes are transformed with special care in DOC (mark controlling the quality and origin of a wine) and DOCG (mark controlling and guaranteeing the quality and origin of a wine) wines.

Since Clemente and Alfonso Cornaglia, the winery evolved a lot with a constant commitment, until the building which is visible today. The works which changed completely the original structure, expanding considerably the building, started in November 2011. The original winery was close to the the hill, that is why during the expansion works we used some Franki poles, to save the nearby vineyards of Nebbiolo and Barbera without any further excavations.

The architectural result is remarkable, because the Franki poles that we left exposed, remind of an ancient colonnade and satisfy an aesthetic taste of undeniable value.

The winery was built carving into the hill therefore the structure maintains the ideal microclimate for the barrels. The specific care for the bio-construction and for natural materials which characterized the construction of the winery is evident in the comfort proven ones visited the building.

Nowadays the winery is structured on two floors: the ground floor is connected with the original structure and is where the vinification of all the wines of azienda Cournaja takes place. On the first floor you can enjoy the view on our property vineyards and the gorgeous panorama of Langhe crowned by the Alps. In the future this space on the first floor will become the tasting room.


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